Benson Wu
This series of photos focus on the unexplored canvases in the city. Through these explorations, I discovered numerous places in the city that resembled the idea of a futuristic, more advanced world. Accompanied with my love for science fiction, my project speaks to the idea of how individuals try to adapt and survive in this fast-paced world. As I was fascinated by the discovery of the new planet Ross 128 last year, I was also slightly terrified by the thought of earth exploitation. I realized in order to survive, human beings are in a dire need to find new dimensions or planets to live in. This sparked my imagination and inspired me to begin this project. The first two photos mirror my imagination of the spaceship humans will need to build in order to start the hunt for another livable space. The following three photos show the process of exploring the new environment once they find it. And the last five presents the multiple places people try to create in this future dystopian world, such as secret tunnels, children’s playgrounds, and interactive spaces to keep the mind at work. The only thing that didn’t change and shouldn't change in this future world is the appliance of creative thinking. And through my images, I hope it can help play the role of emphasizing the importance of imagination and how it is among the necessities of being human.

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