Benson Wu
“Surveillance” is fashion editorial through the perspective of surveillance cameras. It alludes to the constant state of surveillance and monitoring exhibited through our current state of society. As technologies grow, they increasingly push the boundaries of privacy in our daily lives.
Fashion is a reflection of the current state of the society. With “Surveillance” I seek to represent the marriage of fashion and technology. In the fashion industry today, fashion and technology are increasingly intersecting. Brands are not only drawing inspirations from the developments of new technology such as designing clothes that focus on functionality and protectiveness, but also adopting technology as fashion through wearable tech. Technology advancement also blur the lines between our private and public lives. No longer is surveillance limited to security cameras, but also through location tracking, facial scanning, social media algorithms, and targeted advertisements. As surveillance infiltrate both our private and public lives, “Surveillance” represents the notion of how fashion, a way in which we represent ourselves privately and publicly, is observed through everyday monitoring. It further seeks to explore how fashion can manifest itself through this scrutiny.

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