Fragments is a series of images that documents life in Chinatown in order to convey its resilience during the Coronavirus pandemic. Before the pandemic, the image of Chinatown was lively, spirited, and reminded me of home. However, Chinatown soon entered a dark and discouraging phase with empty streets and struggling businesses. Chinatown had also been the epicenter of anti-Asian attacks, since the virus is often referred to as the “China virus” or “Kung Flu.” As we walk through the streets of Chinatown today, its image of a vibrant, welcoming community seems to shatter into fragments. Chinatown has started to recover, but as wintertime draws near, the community fears another surge in cases. Is there still hope for a quick recovery? Is Chinatown going to be dead forever? Though Chinatown may be hurt and shattered by the pandemic, its residents are united by the same hopes and fears. The grim forecast of what the future holds is not ideal, but people still have to carry on with their daily routine, to make a living, and to fight through. Through black and white street photography, I aim to provoke the mood of solidarity that people are feeling and going through. Even if the immediate future is not hopeful, people still need to carry on with their lives hoping to see a better tomorrow. Through capturing the bits and pieces of Chinatown today as they battle the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, the community is in unison on its path to restoring what it used to be. The resiliency of this community will determine whether Chinatown will overcome this crisis or not.

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